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Lakefront Campus, AD 216,
New Orleans, LA 70148

Phone: (504) 280-6127
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The mission of Internal Audit is to provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the University's operations; and to help the organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governanace processes.

The goal of Internal Audit is to act as an independent assurance activity serving the University of New Orleans.

The objective of Internal Audit is to assist members of the University in the effective discharge of their responsibilities and furnish them with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and pertinent information concerning activities reviewed.This objective is guided by the Institute of Internal Auditors(IIA) Statement of Responsibilities, Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

The attainment of this objective involves such activities as reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of the University's system of internal controls, reviewing the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities, determining compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and established policies and procedures, reviewing operational efficiency and effectiveness, and reviewing University data for accuracy, completeness, fairness, and timeliness.

In order to meet our objectives, we prepare an audit plan annually. The plan is based on a risk analysis, which ranks each area of the University by how vulnerable that area is to various kinds of risks. This document forms the basis of the annual audit plan, intended to ensure that all high-risk areas of the University are audited on a regular basis, and that even those areas considered medium-to low-risk receive some attention from Internal Audit.


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